Mar 192013

NFRCC Print Salon 2013

Chairman Karl Miller

Assistance Darlene Stry, Manny LoPresto, Lynn Brunetto, Steve Dent, Patty Raydo

Judges Joe LeFever, John Slonina, Navada Wier

400 entries! 171 monochrome 229 color


1st)  Dave Valvo    Death Valley Moon

2nd) Carol Pustulka (ST)  Beautiful falls

3rd)  WadeAiken(TT)  Orangutan

Peoples choice for Monochrome

1st {tie}Dave Valvo  Death Valley Moon

1st) (tie} Art Ward(HA)  Milk Pods Bursting

2nd) Patty Raydo (ER)  Spiderweb

3rd) Wade Aiken(TT)  Orangutan

George Butt Award for Monochrome

1st)   Southtown 194

2nd)  Science Museum 191

3rd)   Erie   180


1st) Wade Aiken (TT)  Night Lights

2nd) Carol Pustulka (ST)  Dawn in the Adirondacks

3rd) Carol Pustulka (ST)  Big Guy

Peoples choice for color

1st) Wade Aiken (TT)   Night Lights

2nd) Carol Pustulka (ST)  Dawn in the Adirondacks

3rd) Gary Slingerland (SC)  Ibis and crab

George Butt Award for Color

1st)  Southtown 185

2nd) Science Museum 176

3rd)  Hamilton 173

4th)  Twin Cities 172

5th)  Erie 168

ER – Erie Photography Club,  HA – Hamilton Camera Club,  SC – Science Museum,  ST – Southtown Camera Club,  TC – Twin Cities Camera Club,  TT – Twin Tier Camera Club

Honor Award Winners

Print Salon Color HM 2013

Total score available was 30 points

18 points

Tom Smith (ST)            Blue Ridge Mts.    and also   Great Sand Dunes

Margery Muniak (ST) “Artist Palette”

Dave Valvo (-)       ” False Kiva II”  and also    “Snowshoe Runner”

Sixto Maredo III (SM) “Beauty the bee”

Janet LoPresto (ST)     “Dazzling Pink Beauty”

Wiscoy                              “Fall Leaf”

Manny LoPresto (ST) “Red, Green, Yellow”

Wade Aiken (TT)          “Catch A Wave”

Chris Temple (HA)       “Under The Weather”

Dianna Withyman (HA) “Resting”

Caarles Bartalotto (SM) “Autumn Color”

Ian Webber (AM)          “Niagara Striations”

Jackie Sajewski(-)          “Have Some Garlic” and also  “Slippers”

Carol Pustulka (ST)          Beautiful Autumn Storm

Robert Corey (SM)          “Beaten not Down”

Sandra Hawkins (-)          “American Kestrel”

Art Ward (HA)                   “Winter Beauty”

Cora Hall (TT)                   “Eyes”

Tony Avellanosa (SM) “Stairway to Oblivion”

John Muniak (ST)          “Erin”

Les Check (W)                  “Hudson”

19 points

Leona Holms (HA)          “East African Crowned Crane”

Joanie Metzler (ST)        “Weird Crayons”

Carol Pustulka (ST)       “Dawn in the Adirondacks”   and also  “Big Guy”

Bob Hawkins (-)               “Stairway Arches”

Karen Fulham (NF)        “Yellow Bird on an Agave Plant”

Art Ward (HA)                  “Owl in Flight”

Karl Miller (ST}                 “Kowl”

Sam Ward (ER)                “Bodie Town”

Patty Raydo (ER)          “Eastern Tail Blue”

Andrea Burke (SM)      “Winning Championship Goal Celebration”

20 points

Wade Aiken (TT)          “Whale Song”

21 points

Wade Aiken (TT)          “Sled”

22 points

Wade Aiken (TT)          “Night Lights”


Print Salon Monochrome HM 2013

Total scores available was 30points

19 points

John Muniak (ST)    “Grand Canal”  and also  “Churning”  plus   “Masked Ball”

Ron Snyder (TC)       “Burl’s Winter Cabin”

Bob Raydo (ER)       “Yosemite Valley”  and also “Big Sur Coastline”

Tom Smith (ST)       “Night at the shore”  and also “Niagara Castle’

Sam Ward (ER)      ” Morning Light”

Charles Bartolotta (SM) “Gorilla Hands”

Wade Aiken (TT)          “Anhinga”

Tony Avellanosa (SM) “Boat Dock” and also  “Birch Trees”

Margery Muniak (ST) “Country Store” and also “Night Glow”

Sarah Dziak (TC)        “Cathedral”

Manny LoPresto (ST) ” Ithica Waterfalls #2 2012″

Dave Valvo (-)                 “The Shariff”

20 points

Dave Valvo (-)            “Yellow Stone”

Patty Raydo (ER)    “You need a book?”

Charles Bartollotta (SM)   “Overbury Building”

Near Zabrinski                  ” Pt. #2″

Bob Hawkins (-)              “Airborne”

Ernie Yu (SM)                   “Peacock”

Jeremy Martin (SM)       “Skinner”

Carol Pustulka (ST)          “Beautiful Falls”

Darlene Stry (ST)          “California Sea Lion”

Charlie Metzler (ST)      “2 Buckets”

Karl Miller (ST)              “Foggy Mourning”

Wade Aiken (TT)          “Hawk Landing”

21 Points

Wade Aiken (TT)          “Red Shouldered Hawk”

22 Points

Dave Valvo (-)                   “Death Vally Moon”

Art Ward (HA)                   “Milkpods”

Wade Aiken (TT)          “Orangutan”


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