Speakers & speakers notes for 2013


Speakers’ Notes

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Speaker’s Notes

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      • Friday Evening – Rob Stimpson – “Wild Ontario
      • Saturday Evening – Nevada Wier – “A Nomadic Vision
      • 9:00 – 10:00 am –  David Fitzsimmons
      • Landscapes: From the Beautiful to the Sublime
      • 10:30 am – Doug Kirkland
        Celebrity Portraiture: from Marilyn to Angelina
      • Deb Sandidge – 2 programs  “Infrared” and “Long Exposures
      • Greg Downing – “Using Flash for Nature and Wildlife Photography
      • David FitzSimmons – “Curious Critters: From Portraits to Picturebook
      • Garry Black – “A Fashion Shoot, from Conception to Final Image”
      • Rob Stimpson– “Antarctica”
      • Charlie MacPherson – “Wildlife Photography: Passion and Exploration from the Arctic to the Tropics”
      • Joe LeFevre – “25 Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photography”
      • Jillian Bell – Timing is Everything-Sports Photography
      • John Slonina– 2 programs- “Experiencing Nature: The Story Behind the Images”  and  “Photographing the Eastern US”
      • Mary Lou Frost – “Making Photoshop Tools Work for You” Hands on Laptop Program
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