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Inter Region Competition & Keynote Format         GTCCC  vs  NFRCC  October 26, 2013

Toronto Camera Club Building  : 10:30am- 6:00pm

Format:     This competition would consist of 3 parts;

1.    PRINTSPortraiture, Photojournalism, Creative– (No nature, no natural landscapes etc ),

2.     20 submissions from each side. Digital copy required.

3.    Image minimum size 8x 10 to a max of 16 x 20

4.    Backing size minimum 11x 14 to a max of 16 x20. Prints can be matted or not matted. No frames allowed.

5.    DIGITAL projection: Pure Nature category.. No hand of man allowed. Includes sunsets, landscapes, flowers etc.

6.    30 submissions max from each side.

7.    Image size : 1024 x 1024

8.    DIGITAL projection: Pictorial category.. no nature or natural images to be submitted. Anything else is permissible.

9.    20submissions max from each side. Image size 1024 x 1024.

Judging and Scoring this Competition:

1.    There will be a pool of 4 judges. Two judges proposed by the GTCCC and 2 judges proposed by the NFRCC. For the 3 competitions, a straw vote will be taken each time to select 3 judges from the pool of 4 available judges.

2.    Scoring will be from 1- 10 with the acceptable level set a 6. Top score will be 30 per image.

3.    Each category will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and 25% Honorable Mentions decided by the judges. There will be a single Regional winner for each category ( GTCCC or NFRCC ) based on the total scoring of  all the images per region. All ties to be decided by the category judging group.

4.    There will also be the Overall Regional Winner based on the sum total of the categories scores’ of each region. Thus there will be 4 trophies presented.

5.    Trophies for: Digital Nature, Digital Pictorial, Prints, Overall Regional Winner

Format and Time Table for the day. ALL TIMES APPROXIMATE

Set up will be ready but day issues to resolve  10:-10:30am

1.    Welcome from GTCCC and NFRCC Presidents       10:25 am

2.    Digital Nature judging begins                                 10:30am

3.    Digital Pictorial judging begins                              11:30am

4.    Prints Judging begins                                              12:30 pm

5.    Lunch                                                                        1:30- 2:30pm

6.   Award Presentations                                                 2:30-2:45pm

7.   Presenters ( 1 ) one                                                  3:00-4:30pm

8.   Social and closing remarks                                     4:30 -6:00pm

GTCCC/NFRCC Rules for the 1st Inter Regional Competition Oct. 26, 2013

General Rules– Photographs must be the work of the maker and not the product of a workshop, class or set-up, with or without an instructor’s assistance. Competitions are open to images that have been computer enhanced or computer manipulated.  Images must be based on or composed from original optically or photographically generated images. Images are not to be totally computer-generated. All components of an image must be created by the photographer-no clip art or purchased software images. Maker must have all rights to this image.

Print Category

PRINT GUIDELINES: Bring your prints with you when you come to the competition.

  • ENTRIES– You cannot re-enter an image that has won an award or honorable mention ribbon at a previous NFRCC/GTCCC salon.
  • # OF IMAGES– Region may enter up to 20 images in the Color /Monochrome category. A digital copy of the print will emailed to
  • AWARDS- A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is awarded. Honorable mentions also to be awarded.
  • MOUNTING-A print must be mounted on something stiff, such as foamcore, so it will stand independently in a print-viewing box.
  • MATTING– A prints may be matted but it is not required. Finished mat size may not exceed 16” x 20”. NOTE– No frames or glass or anything on the back of a print that may damage another print will be permitted.
  • PRINT( Image ) SIZE

o                        Minimum is 80 square inches, (8×10), not including a mat.

o                        Maximum size is 320 square inches, which would include the mat. (16×20)

o                        Image may not be more than 20 inches wide or more than 16 inches high.

o                        Prints must be the work of the maker and not the product of an instructional workshop, class or set-up. Digital enhancement is allowed but no clip-art or purchased images and the maker must photograph all components.

  • REVERSE SIDE: On the reverse side of the image, put an arrow of orientation, the image title, the submission division and your name and address. Be absolutely sure that this information is attached securely but not in any way that would scratch or damage another print when all the images are placed in a stack.


Digital Categories

Photographs must be the work of the maker. Competitions are open to images that have been computer enhanced or computer manipulated (digital). Digital photos must be based on or composed from original optically or photographically generated images. Images are not to be totally computer-generated. All components (photobased) must be created by the photographer – no clip art or purchased software images to be included.

            Pictorial Category   20 images   Images that do not fit into the Nature or Wildlife Divisions.

            Nature    Category-  15 images    Must follow the basic rules of the for nature entries.  (See below)

            Wildlife   Category  15 images     Must follow the basic rules of the for wildlife entries.  (See below)

Submission guidelines for all digital images:

            Image format – .JPG files only

            Maximum pixel dimensions – 1024 Pixels wide by 1024 Pixels high including digital mats and borders.

            Color space – should be sRGB

File naming:  Send entries to the following address:



  •  Digital Images – Nature /Wildlife Categories

No elements may be moved, cloned, added, deleted, rearranged, combined, or changed in any way that affects the integrity of the image content. No manipulation or modification is permitted except resizing, cropping, selective lightening or darkening, and restoration to the original color of the scene. No special effects filters can be added or applied, and any sharpening must appear natural.


  • Non-captive animals in their native habitat, however, images in which a man made object has become part of the creature’s natural habitat, such as a stork in a roof nest or a barn swallow in its nest in a barn, as well as tagged animals in the wild, are acceptable.
  • Images of captive animals may not be submitted.


Images entered in the nature competition must conform to PSA’s definition of a nature slide.

Eligible subjects include trees, wild flowers, weeds, grasses, fungi, ferns, mosses, animals or birds (except domesticated), reptiles, insects, fossils, weather, land/seascapes (without boats or other human evidence), geological formations, etc.

Ineligible subjects include cultivated plants or flowers, domestic animals (dogs, cows, etc.) scenic’s which show human artefacts (fences, buildings, telephone wires, etc.), mounted specimens, museum habitats or groups, or subjects no longer alive.

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