Submission guidelines for all digital images:
  • Image format – .JPG files only
  • Maximum pixel dimensions – 1920 Pixels wide by 1080 Pixels high including digital mats and borders.
  • Color space – should be sRGB
  • File naming: Each image file will be named as follows: Letter of Division (P, N, or W)… followed by an underscore Number of entry (1 or 2)… followed by an underscore Last name … followed by an underscore First name… followed by an underscore Title Example: P_1_Thyme_Justin_End of the Day.jpg Note: The jpg file extension may or may not show up on your finished image, but if you have saved it in that format, it is there.
  • Check your files carefully to be sure they match the requirements. The committee will not be responsible for making corrections.
  • You must submit by e-mail in advance.
  • Please list: Your full name and address, and the NFRCC club, (if any) to which you belong
Category: Competitions


Barbara Kubiak   Canyon Camera Clubkubiakbarbara210@yahoo.com Barb can only do remote judging because she lives in the Southern Tier .
Bart BartonTwin Tier Camera Clubbart.barton475@outlook.comWants Manny as a mentor
Bob KaderabeckScience Museum Camera Clubbkaderabeck@msn.com
Bryan UrghartSt. Catharines Photographic Clubburquhart3@gmail.com
Charles BartolottaScience Museum Camera Clubcamarochas70@gmail.com
Cherie St PierreScience Museum Camera Clubcherie42645@gmail.comwants a mentor-Charlie or Mary Lou
Cheryl BelczakScience Museum Camera Clubcheryl@belczak.net
Darlene Stry Southtowns Camera Clubdarleenstry@verizon.net
Dave Valvo dvalvo@rochester.rr.com
Dee CunninghamSouthtowns Camera ClubDeeCunning@aol.com
Donna BrokScience Museum Camera Club & TCCCdlbrokdesign@roadrunner.comDonna has successfully completed the PSA course in Image Analysis
Doug Hansgate Twin Cities Camera Clubdoug@hansgate.com
Elaine SchmidtCamera Rochestere.schmidt8@frontier.com
George MayersAm-Center Camera Clubgeorgemayers@yahoo.com
George WallaceCamera Rochestergeorg2e@yahoo.com
Glenn HoldenSt. Catharines Photographic Clublgholden@cogeco.ca
Greg AnazaloneTwin Cities Camera Clubgreg@anzalone.com
Ione UnsworthSt. Catharines Photographic Clubiclapham@sympatico.ca
Janet LoPrestoSouthtowns Camera Clubjlop206@gmail.com
Jim HooperFinger Lakes Photography Guildhooperphotographic@yahoo.comJim lives in Central NY and is willing to do remote judging and possible judge depending on location of club. Call him to see if he is willing t ocme to your club.
Joann LongFinger Lakes Photography GuildJKLong@rochester.rr.com
Joe GranitaGenesee Valley Photography Societygvpspresident@gmail.comJoe Granita will do remote judging only
John GriffinScience Museum Camera Clubjdgriff@verizon.netwants a mentor
Keith BurkardTwin Cities Camera Clubkburkard1@aol.com
Larry Mathewson Southtowns Camera Club & Niagara Falls Camera Clublmathewson@sympatico.ca
Lawrence RobsonSt. Catharines Photographic Clubruntimes21@hotmail.com
Lorraine PichetteNiagara Falls Camera Clubpichette@vaxxine.com would like to start with a 3 judge competition
Manny LoPrestoSouthtowns Camera Clubmlopresto21@gmail.com
Mary Lou FrostScience Museum Camera Clubmlfrost@verizon.net
Matt BrownTwin Tier Camera Clubmatt@brownbuffalo.com
Mike DziakScience Museum Camera Club & Twin Cities Camera Clubbiglens2c@gmail.com
Mike HilczmayerTwin Cities Camera Clubmhilcz@roadrunner.com
Mike HirakSt. Catharines Photographic Clubnikonhirak@hmail.com
Mike LinseFinger Lakes Photography Guildlinse@frontiernet.net
Norm Queeno Southtowns Camera Clubdajokerman72@gmail.com
Rich EngelebrechtGenesee Valley Photography Societyimagechairgvps@gmail.com585-259-3881
Steve DentTwin Cities Camera Clubsteved@verizon.net
Tom KredoCamera Rochestertkredo@gmail.com
Vartkes PeltekgluSt. Catharines Photographic Clubvartkesp7@gmail.com
Virginia StranaghanSt. Catharines Photographic Club vstranaghan@hotmail.com
This is a list of people who said they were willing to judge last year after the class.
Category: Judging
Charlie Bartolotta SMCC Monochrome, Table Topcamarochas70@gmail.com
Dave Valvo "What judges want to see in your image"  Or "How to Win in Competition"  Or "How to Improve your images".   dvalvo@rochester.rr.com
Dee CunninghamSTCCDeeCunning@aol.com
Donna BrokSMCC& TCCCPhotoshop, Lightroom ETC contact Donna to discuss programs, she has severaldlbrokdesign@roadrunner.com
Doug Hansgate TCCC tabletop, digital basics, flash basics, flash intermediate, off camera flash, Helicon Focus, tripods and stabilization, lens Selection, light meters, Photoshop layers, Photoshop advanced, model posing, lightroom, file management, HDR, less is more, image sizing, Photoshop portraiture touchup, white balance and histograms, natural light portraiture, digital painting, the exploration of light, Photoshop masks, luminosity masks, painting with light -the digital form, how to professionally judge image competitioins. (www.hansgate.com/presentations.php for more info)doug@hansgate.com
Keith Burkhard TCCCNight Photographykburkard1@aol.com(716) 868-4381
Larry Mathewson NFCCPhotoshop CC, 1. Creative to abstract. 2. Photoshop layers, filters, blending modes, patterns and brusheslmathewson@sympatico.ca
Mary Lou Frost SMCCNIK, Elements,National Park and many moremlfrost@verizon.net
Mike DziakTCCCHDR, Sportsbiglens2c@gmail.com
Rich EngelebrechtGVLightroom Tips & Tricksrengel134@gmail.com585-259-3881
Vartkes PeltekgluSt Cathvartkesp7@gmail.com
Patti LarsonErie Photography Club Photoshop Techniques, Layers, Masks and Textures, Willing to travel.pattilarsonphotos@outlook.com812-449-4378
Category: Resources

Judge Mentors

Bob KaderabeckSMCCbkaderabeck@msn.com
Charles Bartolotta
Dave Valvo dvalvo@rochester.rr.com
Dee CunninghamSTCCDeeCunning@aol.com
George Mayers
Am Center
Janet LoPrestoSTCCjlop206@gmail.com
Manny LoPrestoSTCCmlopresto21@gmail.com
Mary Lou Frost
Mike DziakTCCC
Vartkes Peltekglu
St Cath
Virginia StranaghanSt Cath vstranaghan@hotmail.com
Current Judges who said they would “mentor” the new judges.
Category: Judging

Club Judge Coordinator

NameClub email Judge ChairDigital ChairPrint Chair
David SoderlundFLPGdms6@cornell.edux
Herman OuwerslootSt Cathhouwersloot@yahoo.cax
Janet LoPrestoSTCCjlop206@gmail.comx
Mike DziakTCCCbiglens2c@gmail.comx
Tom KredoCRtkredo@gmail.comx
Tom SchifferliSMCCtom14043@yahoo.comxx
The club member responsible for obtaining judges for club competitions.
Category: Judging
The Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs holds 5 inter-club Digital Image competitions throughout each club year.
McKellar Competition
The McKellar Competitions are held four times each year. This open competition of six images per member club is judged anonymously by a panel of three judges. The top 25% of images in each competition receive and Honorable Mention awards. The scores from each competition are combined for a total score. At the annual conference, the club with the highest total score is awarded the McKellar Trophy.
Golden Horseshoe Competition
The Golden Horseshoe Trophy is awarded to the club with the highest combined score of 20 digital images projected and judged at the Annual NFRCC spring convention. The top 25% of images in this competition are awarded Honorable Mention awards.
Category: Competitions

Photography Resources

The NFRCC provides the following resources in hopes that they will be helpful, but does not endorse any particular products contained there-in.

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The following photographers have contributed images to this web site:

  • Banner Images:
    • Rich Engelbrecht [GVPS]
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Submit a member for the NFRCC Award for Photographic Excellence

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Preparation Guidelines for Submitting Resume for NFRCC Award for

Preparation Guidelines for Submitting Resume for NFRCC Award for

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