2016 CanAm Photo Expo Competition Results

2016 CanAm Photo Expo Salon Results

Print Competitions (Full results here)
Monochrome Print Competition

1st The Thinker Carol Pustulka
2nd Man of Steel Jeffrey Barnes
3rd Egret on a Branch Margery Muniak
People’s Choice
PC 1st Egret on a Branch Margery Muniak
PC 2nd The Thinker Carol Pustulka
PC 3rd Sister’s Restaurant-Rome Charles Bartolotta

Colour Print Competition

1st Pretty Girl Carol Pustulka
2nd Abandoned Patty Larson
3rd One is the
Loneliest Number
Patty Larson
People’s Choice
PC 1st Pretty Girl Carol Pustulka
PC 2nd Cortanna Claudia Bartolotta
PC 3rd Daybreak Tom Smith

Digital Salon Competition (Full Results Here)

Digital Nature Salon

1st Place Janet LoPresto – Mother and Baby
2nd Place Leah Parker – Frosty Morning
3rd Place Sarah Connaughton – Aurora Borealis

Digital Pictorial Salon

1st Place Norm Queeno – Uhoh
2nd Place Destiny Whipple – Sister’s 4th Birthday in Heaven
3rd Place Kathy Ward – Smoking Garden Flowers

Digital Wildlife Salon
Dianne Peyton-Majumdar Award

1st Place Steve Dent, Angry Buffalo
2nd Place Sam Ward,  Arctic Buffet
3rd Place Deanne Cunningham, Egret Reflection