AWARDS 2015-2016

Top Pictorial Image of the Year – Dave Van de Laar “Friends”
Top Nature Image of the Year – Leah Parker “Frosty Morning”
Top Altered Reality Image of the Year – Mike Hirak “Lost Doors”
NFRCC Award: Image of the Year – Nature – Ione Unsworth – “Great Egret”
Travelette – Doug Irwin – “Yellowstone”
Photo Essay – Heather Halfyard “Reflections”
Sharpe – Tester – Leah Parker
Special Assignments – Christine Lowden

Digital Image Clinic, Total Aggregate

Bronze: Christine Lowden
Silver: Bryan Urquhart
Senior: Randy Lowden

President’s Medal: Mike Hirak “Hotel Puzzle”

Print Awards: Peoples Choice

Monochrome: (Culp Trophy) : Dave Lindey “Kings Road”
Colour: (Messerschmidt Trophy) Leah Parker “Frosty Morning”
Dr. Don Mason Award Colour: Robert Casement “Raquette Lake Sunrise”
Mary Mason Award Monochrome: Virginia Cobley “Light at the End of the Tunnel”
Dr. Swan Award Colour Print: Leah Parker “Frosty Morning”
Dr. Swan Award Monochrome: Dave Lindey “Kings Road”

Print Clinic: Total Aggregate

Bronze Colour: Judy Flint
Bronze Monochrome: Judy Flint
Silver Colour: Robert Parker
Silver Monochrome: Bryan Urquhart
Senior Colour: Virginia  Cabley
Senior Monochrome: Virginia Cabley

William Shawross Memorial Award

Total Aggregate: Colour & Monochrome Print Clinics: Judy Flint