Top Average In Projected Images – General

Bronze – Tim Grabowski
Sliver – Marjory Jankowiak
Gold – Norm Queeno & Kathy Fenna
Diamond – Darleen Stry
Platinum – Carol Pustulka

Projected Image of the Year – General

1st-Deanne Cunningham “Happy Dolphin”
2nd – Mike Maher “Yee Hah”
3rd– Deanne Cunningham “Egret Reflection”

Top Average In Projected Images – Creative

Bronze – Jan Barton
Silver – Marjory Muniak & Sarah Connaughton
Gold – Norm Queeno
Diamond – Lynne Koller
Platinum – Tom Smith

Projected Image of the Year – Creative

1st – Carol Pustulka “Rest in Peace”
2nd – Tom Smith “The Mill”
3rd – Janet LoPresto – “Wall Dancer”

Top Average In Monochrome Prints

Bronze – Sandy Queeno
Silver – Norm Queeno
Platinum – Carol Pustulka

Monochrome Print of the Year

1st -Manny LoPresto – “Up, Up & Away”
2nd – Carol Pustulka – “Pyramid Mountain”
3rd- Carol Pustulka – “The Thinker”

Top Average in Color Prints

Bronze – Pierre Williot
Silver – Norm Queeno
Diamond – Mike Maher
Platinum – Carol Pustulka

Color Print of the Year

1st – Deanne Cunningham “White Pelican in Flight”
2nd – Carol Pustulka “Dunlop Creek Falls”
3rd – Tom Smith “Pretty Pink Flower”


STCC Service Award – Sandy Queeno
Most Improved Photographer – Norm Queeno
In Memory of John Tworek – Rookie of the Year – Tim Grabowski
Photographer of the Year – Carol Pustulka
“Super Shooter” – Four-for-Four First Place in all Categories – Norm Queeno