Sept. 21 Welcome Back – Editing Changes Suggested from 2016 Competition
Oct. 5 Digital Image and Print Critique Night – No Scoring will be given
Oct. 29 (Sat) NFRCC Fall Seminar with David Hughes, Michael’s, Hamburg, NY
For more information:
Nov. 5 First Digital Image and Print Competition Night
Nov. 19 (Sat) NFRCC/GTCCC Inter-Regional Competition
Dec. 7 Second Digital Image and Print Competition Night
Dec. 21 Holiday Party – “Travelling with my Camera” by Cherie St. Pierre
Jan. 4  Third Digital Image and Print Competition Night: Digital image assignment is 2 images:
Digital: 1- Subject: Food; & 1-Technique: Monochrome
The Print Assignment is one print: Old Fort Niagara (Color or Mono)
Jan. 18  Abstract/PS Creative by Larry Mathewson
Feb1. 1 Fourth Digital Image and Print Competition Night
Feb. 15 Members help choose Golden Horseshoe/McKellar Images
Mar. 1 Fifth Digital Image and Print Competition Night
Mar 15 E. Thomas Smith Nature Competition
Members are invited to submit 4 nature digital images (see rules)
Mar. 31 –
Apr. 2
Can/Am Photo Expo at the Marriott, Millersport Hwy., Amherst, NY More Info:
April 5 Sixth Digital Image and Print Competition Night
April 19 T. Lee Kindy – Welland Creative Composite
May 3 Year End Competition – Digital Image of the Year and Print of the Year
May 17 Awards Banquet – Dorthy Ralph Photo Essays: Salvatore’s Italian Gardens