Batavia Photography Club 2016-2017 Meeting Schedule

Some learning activities will be weather permitting and may be switched for dates according to the weather. Please call ahead if you need to inquire.

Sept. 19 First meeting. Year overview and Camera exercise
Oct 3 How to win a photography competition. Dave Valvo
Oct. 17 Competition
Oct. 29 (Sat) NFRCC Fall Seminar-Daniel Hughes  Hamburg NY for tickets and more info.
Nov. 7 Photographers, Your Rights in Public Spaces, John Curr
Nov 19 (Sat) NFRCC-GTCCC Competition – in the US
Nov. 21 Photographic Journey to Botswana
Dec. 5 Bugs and Things That Crawl, Bob Oswald
Dec. 19 Competition and Christmas Party
Jan. 9 Studio Shoot Sue Meier’ Studio
Jan. 23 Competition
Feb. 6 Studio Night Pet Photography Jim Burns’ Studio
Feb. 21 Competition
Mar. 6 Before and After Images, Photoshop
Mar. 20 Macro and Still Life Jim Burns’ Studio
Mar 31 –
April 2
CanAmPhotoExpo-Adams Mark Hotel in Buffalo, NY
April 3 Hang Pictures
April 17 The Robert Williams Banquet